Cut through complexity

We are Risk At Work

We help financial institutions solving their quantitative risk management questions. Above everything else, this is about helping you! With extensive practical experience and state-of-the-art knowledge, we love delivering practical solutions to our clients that solve their problems. We're often involved in modelling or validation projects, but we also do data analysis or interpret data to come to actionable insights.


Our expertise

To help our clients, we pride ourselves on our ability to ask stupid questions until we understand their problem well enough to come up with smart solutions. And on our ability to understand the problem as deeply as if it was our own. Because of our experience and academic network, this means we can often help our clients cut through complexity and create solutions that work. Interested to learn more? Read some of our insights or get in touch!

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"Risk at Work was of great help on various internal model related topics, among others the development and support on the market risk modules, being the only consultants to support until final PIM expansion approval. As they stand out by their no-nonsense attitude and clear oversight of the models, I would highly recommend them"